General Corporate Practice. Litigation & Arbitration.

The advice on Business Law –which comprises Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Labor and Tax Law- has always constituted the core business of our practice.

At NAVARRO CASTEX we teamwork with our clients. From the very inception of their business, we advise them on the selection of the most convenient corporate, fiscal and labor structure, as well as on the negotiation, drafting and instrumentation of their agreements, particularly with regard to corporate governance issues, and the relationships between officers, directors and stockholders from a preventive perspective.

In civil and commercial contractual matters, we provide advice in so varied areas such as joint ventures, takeovers and transfers of on-going concerns, negotiation and drafting of shareholders, management and direction agreements, family business agreements and different project financing tools. We have experience in the instrumentation of other modern contracts such as know-how and technology transfers, licensing, franchising, distribution, agency, leasing and trust agreements.

We handle regulatory issues before the National Administration of Public Revenue, the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina, all offices depending on the Public Registry of Commerce and the Financial Information Unit, among other entities.

Moreover, we represent our clients’ interests when they are involved in litigation, before either judicial, arbitration or administrative courts. When litigation becomes necessary for the resolution of disputes -or as the only possible remedy to defend our clients’ interests- our Firm acts before different forums and jurisdictions across the country, including the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court of Justice.