Closely Held & Family Owned Businesses.

Our Firm professionally advises individuals and family businesses that find in our team the required support for the instrumentation of agreements between majority and minority shareholders, procuring a preventive and pacific solution to their natural differences which often put the company value at risk. Punctually, we assist business owners who are planning the generational change, advising on the management of these complex corporate succession processes. Here we combine commercial and corporate law tools with the limits set by civil, succession and family law.

Among other activities, NAVARRO CASTEX provides advice -mainly in times of change and crisis- on the transfer by the founder to new generations, the arrival and departure of relatives, cursus honorum and compensation strategies and policies, arrival of strategic non-family partners, preparation and adaptation of family protocols and shareholders agreements aimed at the regulation of relations and decision-making processes, family trusts –whether for succession planning or not-, prevention of conflicts among different groups, challenge of resolutions and defense in court of family members. We frequently advise on the division of assets where it is required under the rules of universal succession.