Sergio Héctor Conde

Sergio Héctor Conde is a National Public Accountant graduated in 1985 from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) Argentina. Qualified SME Expert by the Ministry of Production of the Nation. He did the Executive Development Program 1999 (IAE) and the International Real Estate seminar in 2006 (IAE / IESE). He participated in several seminars and university extensions: related to Negotiation, Management, Marketing, Finance, Strategic Management and Organizational Structure (UCLA). Distribution Channels (Kellogg). Communications in Financial Marketing (AMBA). Database (Bob Stone) (AMDA). Forward Operations, Future and Options (PWC). Capital Market and Planning and Management Control (AA).


He was a professor in the Audit chair Dr. Julio Pedro Naveyra of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina from 1985 to 1990. Speaker at the CPCECABA Young Professionals Conference – Topic: “Advertising Expenses. How to choose the best option? ”

Author of the essay on “Tax, Monetary and Labor Reform” presented at the Tax Conference organized by the Congress of Graduates in Economic Sciences in 2013, City of Mar del Plata.

Author of the essay “Aligning Human Capital to Retail Objectives”. “Reduction of staff turnover costs.” Unpublished work exp. Nº 500742 (National Directorate of Copyright).


Among other activities, he served as Administration and Finance Manager at Energía & Soluciones SA (2009 – 2017), Executive Director at Cheek SA (2003 – 2006), Corporate Auditor for the portfolio of companies of The Exxel Group (1996 – 2002) and Associate Manager at PWC (1993 – 1996).


Professionally oriented to increase the value of companies and personal assets of their shareholders. Proactive, inclined to obtain results under a systemic approach. He provides a short, medium and long term vision. His achievements are: Increase sales, improve profitability, cash flow, reduce tax burden and credit risk. Optimize marketing, logistics and supply channels.


He developed his activity in various sectors and companies. Retail: Clothing (Cheeky Argentina and USA, Lacoste, Speedo, Polo Ralph Lauren, Coniglio, Clara Ibarguren, Soft Red, Pill); Supermarkets (North, Devoto Uruguay); Gastronomy (Pizza Hut, The Coffee Store (GP); Home appliances (Musimundo); Duty-free store (Free Shopp Interbaires); Personal Data (Clearing Reports Uruguay); Logistics (OCA Mail), Tax Deposits (EDCADASA and IOSC Free Zone Uruguay); Internet ventures ( in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and USA); Health (Sanatorium Coronel Díaz, De la Trinidad, Arenales); Prepaid Medicine (Life, Galeno, TIM); Payment methods (Argencard SA) , Food (Panificadora Fargo, Fleischmann Argentina Inc.); Representation of athletes (Imagen Deportiva SA).