Private Equity. Mergers & Acquisitions.

Regarding private equity and venture capital matters we have gained a recognized experience in the advice to sponsors, investment funds and other participants, designing structures and negotiating the most convenient terms for the development and financing of specific businesses, throughout all stages of the operation.

Mergers and acquisitions related to national and foreign investment have set a tendency over the past years, which has required from our lawyers a high specialization grade due to the complexity of M&A processes -another typical multidisciplinary activity which involves not only our lawyers and Of counsel support, but also our accountants and economists-. In this area, the lawyers of our Firm frequently give advice to sellers, purchasers and consultants hired by said parties.

NAVARRO CASTEX participates in activities involved in all the stages of these processes, such as the collaboration in corporate, contractual and fiscal planning aimed at the purchase and sale of companies, participation in due diligence processes, appraisals, advice and drafting of preliminary and definite agreements for the purchase of stock and on-going concern businesses, and the management of post closing obligations, among other activities. The solution to these matters, as well as those related to Antitrust issues arising from these transactions, have allowed our Firm and some of its members to be recognized in transactions of high complexity.